Hi there!

My name is Tara Miladi, born in Canada but raised in Iran. I created this blog as part of a Grade 12 English class project. Throughout the year you will see me write posts about different novels, plays, and assignments with my own personal points of views of various topics.

I chose the title “The Awkward Moment When You Read” because, when I was younger, I read a lot more than I do now. Being in grade 12, the only reading that I seem to do anymore is usually school related because I never seem to have enough time to myself to read for personal pleasure. Because of this, I find it quite odd whenever I do read any novels anymore thus the name “The Awkward Moment When You Read”.

I’m a very visual person so I try to add as many images as possible on my blog, hope you enjoy it, please comment on anything which you may find an opinion for!



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