More about Shakespeare’s plagiarism

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Since Twelfth Night is just round the corner (and remember, while we’re at it, that Twelfth Night is arguably the night before Epiphany, not the same day – i.e., Twelfth Night is January 5th), we thought we’d bring you some of the lesser-known facts about some of William Shakespeare‘s most popular plays. As we go, we’ll address and challenge some misconceptions, too.


Hamlet hasn’t got anything to do with the playwright’s son, Hamnet. Some people have drawn a link between Shakespeare’s son, who died in 1596 aged 11, and the great tragedy he wrote a few years later. However, nothing quite adds up: although it’s true that Shakespeare’s son was called Hamnet – which is remarkably close to name of his great tragic character, Hamlet – there is no reason to suppose a link. For starters, Hamlet is about the death of fathers, not sons; for another, Hamnet…

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