The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

“He admires her, even resents her a little, for having moved to another country and made a separate life. He realizes that this is what their parents had done in America. What he, in all likelihood, will never do.” (233)

Althoigh Gogol/Nikhil never says it, I feel like he respects his parents more after this moment of being in Paris “alone” and realizing what his parents had to go through when leaving their home country to go to America. He finally sees how difficult it is to fit into a country that has a different language, different culture, different surroundings, and different people. I feel like he also finally realizes how frustrating it is to what to express yourself in a new area but don’t know how to because you can’t understand anything in a new country.

While Moushumi is off presenting her paper, Gogol/Nikhil is off in Paris alone. ” And so, after shopping, he sets off, alone, for the Louvre, a destination he’s put off until now. At the end of the day he meets her at a cafe in the Latin Quarter” (180). This just reminds me of back in the first chapter when Ashima is new to America, and Ashoke is working at the university so she heads out in the town not knowing anyone or where she is going and just goes shopping trying to find her way around sort of how Gogol/Nikhil is trying to do in Paris without Moushumi.



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