Some Emotion, Finally

After Ashoke ( Gogol/Nikhil’s father’s) death, Gogol/Nikhil goes to the hospital to identify the body, and then heads back to his father’s apartment. When Gogol/Nikhil first enters his father’s apartment, he comments on the size, the lack of items, and images what actions and routines his father had created for himself in this tiny apartment away from his family. Gogol/Nikhil’s compassion for his father all of a sudden seems surprising because of how much he had tried to distant himself from his family before. When one of his father’s neighbours mistakens Gogol/Nikhil for his father, he finds “the thought comforting” (174).

“Thinking of his father living here alone these past three months, he feels the first threat of tears, but he knows that his father did not mind, that he was not offended by such things.” (174). The only difference in Gogol/Nikhil and Ashoke’s relationship from the start of the novel until Ashoke’s death, would be when he tells Gogol/Nikhil about why he chose the name Gogol and about the train accident. Maybe Gogol/Nikhil felt closer to him after he was told about his father’s accident and caused him to see his father from a completely different perspective causing his sudden change of thoughts which come with his father.


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