A Bit Off Topic

This is a bit off topic but I found the connection a bit funny and felt that I should post it.

On pages 136-137, Gogol/Nikhil is commenting on – or more like complaining ( from my point of view ) – on how different his and Moushumi’s relationship and how her herself is now compared to when they had first met. The contrast line seems to be based on when they got married. When I was reading this, I was reminded of an episode of The Cosby Show that I saw once. Old show, I know, but the connection was perfect.


In the episode, Theo (the son) was talking with 3 married men ( 1 whom is his father, and 2 of which are married to two of his sisters). Theo is talking to the men about how wonderful his relationship with his girlfriend is and how in love they are. The three men begin to jokingly bug Theo about how he doesn’t understand what true love is until he gets married. Then Theo responds to their comments by stating that all three of them are stuck in a “Marriage Graveyard”. He referes to the marriage graveyard as “where relationships go to die”. He explains that after a couple gets married, they begin to lack in their spontaneous acts of romance, and how couples become TOO comfortable around eachother (just as Gogol/Nikhil realizes about his relationship with Moushumi).

I tried finding the episode from The Cosby Show but i couldn’t seem to find it online, the episode however is from Season 6, Episode 20. I just found this connection quite hilarious and was surprised about how much the “Marriage Graveyard” concept relates to Gogol/Nikhil’s feelings/thoughts at Donald and Asrid’s party.


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