Hypocritical Karma

I find it quite interesting how when Gogol and Sonia visit Calcutta, Gogol is constantly commenting and complaining about the conditions of the houses in India, about how all of the walls are cracked, and the floors are tearing up, and the colours are grey and dull, yet (as described in the book), all of the apartments which he stays in after moving out of his parent’s house aren’t exactly the most overwhelming buildings either. At times Ashima even tells him that she finds it unacceptably for him to be living in an apartment in such condition. 




Gogol makes even more hypocritical remarks about the living conditions in Calcutta when he complains about the bugs and having to sleep with a  mosquito net because, when him and Maxine have the entire house to themselves and they are sleeping with the windows open, Gogol wishes that he had one of those nets because of how many bites he keeps getting.   


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