Pulled in Two Directions

“The question of identity is always a difficult one, but especially for those
who are culturally displaced, as immigrants are . . . who grow up in two
worlds simultaneously.”

Growing up in two worlds simultaneously seems to be an odd reality to those who have been born and raised in the same country as their parents. Yet it is a difficult reality for the lives of immigrants who have to leave all that they care and love for to move somewhere far away and with little knowledge in hopes of creating a better future for their family members to come. This idea of two simultaneous worlds means to have one world of wear you live, and the interactions which you have to deal with and face each and every single day. The second world is that one world which you had just left. The world which you were reluctant to leave but decided to in hopes of something good coming out of it. Immigrants are constantly having to deal with the thought that they can not let go of their home land no matter how much they might want to because they are so attached to their family members there that they are constantly being reminded of what they had to leave behind. They also have to focus on where they currently are. What type of people they have to currently deal with, and what new problems will soon show up.

Jhumpa Lahiri  expresses this emotions felt by many new immigrants within her novel The Namesake by showing the fears, and the realizations of reality which come with having to live “in two worlds simultaneously”.


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